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Why Balanced Humidity Protects Your Union City Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality, And Your Health

Balanced humidity protects union city air conditioning indoor air quality health

In the Union City area, our weather is consistently humid which can make the heat and the cold seem even more intense, even inside our homes. Often, the humidity causes stress on our air conditioning systems, making them less effective. Not only does the humidity make a difference in how hot or cool we feel, it plays a big role in how well our air conditioning and heating perform in our homes.

Your indoor air climate is treated by your heating and air conditioning units. While most homes have a central air unit that supplies both heat and air, not all homes are fitted with central air systems. You may have window air conditioning units and wall heaters or some other set up.

Either way, the humidity makes it more difficult for your air system to effectively regulate your home’s temperature if it isn’t within a certain balanced range.

One of the ways you can get the most out of your Union City Air Conditioning system (and your heating) is to balance the humidity level of your indoor air climate. But balancing the humidity level isn’t just a matter of getting a dehumidifier installed. First, other factors have to be evaluated because even though the outside air is humid, your indoor air may actually be too dry.

Your indoor air should be not too dry and not too humid. High humidity is bad for all of your home’s mechanical systems as it affects the metals and adds to rusting and corrosion problems. Indoor air that’s too humid or too dry can also cause health problems like consistent sinus infections (dry air) or upper respiratory infections (from high humidity causing mold and other toxic spores or bacteria).

Air Conditioners Exposed To Humidity Can Rob Your Energy Savings

High humidity levels play havoc on all your home’s mechanical systems, including your air conditioner. High moisture factors not only attract dust and grime, it also causes rust and corrosion to the moving and stationary parts of your system.

This means your air conditioning unit will not last as long as it would if you were to balance the humidity in your home and it means you’ll be needing more repairs than normal. Plus, all the grime and goo collected on parts makes it harder for the system to run effectively, stealing any energy savings you would have had right out from under you.

But with the correct balance of indoor air humidity and cleanliness along with regular maintenance and tune ups, your air conditioning system will run effectively and give you the most in energy savings. Good indoor air quality that’s clean protects your system from early replacement and frequent breakdowns, as well as give you healthier air to breathe.

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