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Catching Air Conditioning Issues Early: Know the Signs

Catching air conditioning issues early know the signs

Your air conditioning is going to be put through the wringer during the summer months as you use it all day every day. Before this wear and tear get bad enough that you are left without A/C indefinitely, you need to know what signs of A/C wear to look out for so that you can get a jump on repairs.

If you don’t know what those signs are, then just read on. In this article, we’ll detail some of the most common ones you’ll run across. If you detect any of these signs of A/C damage, don’t hesitate to call the Trenton HVAC contractors at Parham Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, LLC for a repair.

Poor Airflow

Do you find yourself having to put your hand right up to your vents just to feel any significant amount of airflow? If so, you’re dealing with air conditioning issues. These issues could stem from your A/C unit or even your air ducts. In either case, poor airflow is a sure sign that you need to get an air conditioning repair.

Unusual Noises

Though no HVAC unit is bound to be completely silent, an excessive amount of noise or sudden unusual noises should send up red flags for you. If your air conditioning seems to be accompanied by such sounds, you need to call up our air conditioning pros for a repair before the problem gets any worse.

Moisture around Outdoor Unit

Though this sign may not be as obvious as the two mentioned above, it is as much a cause for alarm as they are. Moisture around your outdoor A/C unit could indicate a number of issues: freezing components, a water leak, a freon leak, or more. Whatever the cause is, you’ll want to get a repair as soon as you notice moisture.

Inaccurate Thermostat

Does your home never feel as cool as your thermostat would indicate? Do you find yourself cranking the A/C up and up and up, yet your home still feels uncomfortably warm? These issues are strongly indicative of air conditioning problems. Best to call for a repair as soon as you begin to experience them before things worsen.

Increased Energy Bills

When your air conditioning begins to function poorly, it will have to work extra hard to achieve the level of comfort you want it to provide. As it works harder and harder, your power bills will also go up. If you can’t seem to manage your electric bills no matter what, then consider that your A/C could be the culprit and schedule to have it looked at.

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