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Scheduling Electrical Panel Upgrades for Your Trenton Home

Electrical panel upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades aren’t home maintenance tasks that Trenton homeowners should put off for very long because electrical systems have the potential to develop severe problems and fire hazards. If you detect any complications with your electrical panel, hire a trusted electrical service and HVAC contractor like Parham Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, LLC to upgrade your breaker panel. An electrical breaker panel is the central point of the electrical wiring of a building, and it transports energy from a service provider to the utility room or garage of a home. You might also hear your electrical service and HVAC contractor refer to breaker panels as “fuse boxes” or “main breaker boxes.”

When Is An Electrical Panel Upgrade a Good Idea?

  • The Electrical Panel Smells – A burning smell emanating from your breaker panel is never a good sign, and you should have your electrical service and HVAC contractor resolve the problem as soon as possible to prevent an electrical fire. Defective circuit breakers or incorrectly connected wires might be the source of the burning smell.
  • Your Home Is for Sale – If you’re preparing to sell your home, upgrading your breaker panel could be a good investment and selling feature.
  • The Electrical Panel Feels Warm – A warm electrical panel might be defective or overloaded, or it might have been installed incorrectly. Trenton homeowners should schedule electrical panel upgrades with their local electrical service and HVAC contractor as soon as possible if their electrical panels feel warm to the touch.
  • The Electrical Panel Trips Frequently – Your electrical panel might trip occasionally if it becomes overloaded, but frequent tripping is a sign of a serious problem. Your Trenton household probably requires more capacity, so a professional electrical panel upgrade is a good idea.
  • Your Home Is Old – Homes that are at least 20 years old can benefit from electrical panel upgrades. Breaker panels might last up to 40 years, but old models usually have a capacity of only 60 to 100 amps while modern households require approximately 200 amps.
  • The Lights Flicker or Dim Often – If your lights are flickering or dimming when you plug in appliances, your electrical panel might be the culprit, and upgrading the panel can fix the problem.
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