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Adding Circuits to Your Trenton Home with the Help of Our Skilled Technicians

Adding circuits

Because modern Trenton households use so many electrical devices and appliances, they might find that they’ve run out of power capacity and require the assistance of an electrical service and HVAC contractor to add circuits to their breaker panels. Adding circuits can be quick and thorough when performed by the qualified professionals at Parham Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, LLC, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

If you think it’s time to expand the power capacity of your Trenton home’s electrical system, reach out to Parham Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, LLC, your local electrical service and HVAC contractor, to talk about adding circuits to your breaker panel.

How Do You Add Circuits in Your House?

  • Check Existing Capacity – Your electrical service and HVAC contractor will first check your home’s existing capacity at the main electrical panel. If extra slots are present, additional circuit breakers can be added.
  • Check Available Power Supply – Your main service panel is probably configured to receive 150 to 400 amps of current.
  • Add Up Current Ratings – If the total ratings of the existing circuit breakers is lower than the available power supply, then circuits can be added easily.
  • Purchase Circuit Breakers – 20-amp circuit breakers allow for fuller loads on a particular circuit.
  • Wire New Circuits – Wiring of the new circuit as well as the outlets, switch boxes, and junction boxes must be performed before connecting the new circuit to the circuit breaker. Using a 12-gauge electrical conduit with black-insulated hot wire, bare or green-insulated ground wire, and white-insulated neutral wire is recommended.
  • Cut the Power – The power to your main service panel should be shut off prior to circuit breaker installation.
  • Install the Circuit Breaker – Your electrical service and HVAC contractor will install the new circuit breakers into the service panel, connect the wires, and ensure that the connections are secure.
  • Turn On the Power – Once connections are secure, your electric utility company can restore power to your home.

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