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Why And When To Service Heat Pumps To Prepare For Winter In Jackson, TN

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With the fall heating season just around the corner here in Jackson, TN, it’s time for local homeowners to start thinking about servicing their home comfort systems once again. The lower nighttime temperatures will arrive soon, which means switching our heat pumps over from cooling to heating.

Many of our customers have heat pumps in their homes, so our professionals at Parham Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, LLC wanted to share some advice with Jackson homeowners on why and when to service heat pumps to prepare them for winter.

Why Get Your Heat Pump Serviced Even If It’s Working Fine

Not all problems are going to wind up causing a complete equipment failure, so you may not even know if your heat pump is malfunctioning. Heating systems can run for months on end here in Jackson before a weakened or damaged part causes a breakdown. In the meantime, unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted because the heater strains to keep the house warm during the winter.

Heat Pump Maintenance Can Help To Prevent More Expensive Heating Repairs

Plus, what’s usually a simpler and more affordable repair can quickly turn into a major repair expense. The question here is, why not avoid major damage to your heat pump altogether by giving it the proper maintenance it needs?

If your equipment does turn out to be malfunctioning in any way, the heating contractor will recognize the problem during the maintenance. This way, you’ll either know your system is working right or what needs to be done to get it functioning properly for the winter season.

Avoid Heat Pump Break Downs Throughout The Winter In Jackson

As the weather in Jackson gets colder and people start to switch the thermostat over to heat, this is when most heat pumps tend to fail. Truly, all heating contractors know that this is the busiest time of year for emergency repair calls and why.

Machines are made to run, not to sit idly by for months on end. As you switch the unit over to heat, the equipment has been sitting idle for several months, and viola, a lot of homeowners who didn’t get their heat pump serviced end up with a surprise break down.

When To Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

The best time to schedule heat pump maintenance in Jackson, TN is during the fall season but before you need to switch over to the heating system. Remember to call our pros or another contractor to get your heat pump serviced in September, but keep an eye on those nighttime temperatures or go ahead and schedule it now. Most contractors are happy to schedule this seasonal service months in advance.

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